2018 Summer Draft Night
Our 2018 Summer Draft will be held Monday April 23rd at 7:30 pm.  This annual logistic contest will be held at St. Louis Bar & Grill (Aurora).  All are welcome to watch the wheeling and dealing throughout the night!

2017 Year End Banquet
Our annual Year End Banquet (YEB) is scheduled for Monday September 18 at St. Louis Bar & Grill in Aurora.  AMLL guests will enjoy a complimentary dinner with a beverage while awards and various prizes will be presented to those so desiring.

We will hold a 50/50 draw with additional prizes for guests present at this venue.

Finally, the YEB Raffle winning tickets will be drawn that evening.  For more information about the YEB Raffle click here.

We will start our Year End Banquet (YEB) at 7:00 pm!

AMLL 2017 Championships
The championship results from Monday July 31:

Swish Cup – Jokers 13 (Hasted) vs Chiefs 9 (Garant) at 7:30 pm
B Cup – Eagles 9 (Christen) vs Thunder 6 (Saints) at 8:30 pm
Ashly Cup – Raiders 8 (Curnow) vs Ducks 7 (Zacher) at 9:30 pm


The completed schedule can be found here.