Aurora Masters Lacrosse League


Welcome to the Aurora Masters Lacrosse League (AMLL)

There is no doubt the popularity of lacrosse has surged for all age levels in recent years. As a result we have created a non-contact adult league for men and women (22 years or older) who would like to play one of Canada’s national sports.   Although we accept individuals of all abilities, we have a large number of extremely talented players in this league.  This will ensure a fast paced and competitive environment for all players.

If you have a child who wishes to play lacrosse, please contact the Newmarket Redbirds Lacrosse.  They provide a fantastic minor lacrosse program under the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

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The AMLL co-organizers, who have played lacrosse for a number of years would like to provide a venue for individuals to enhance or develop their skills while sharing their love for the Creators’s game.  The AMLL follows the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Masters Non-contact Rules and Policies.

If you have any inquiries please drop by the Contact Us section.